These manta rays are the biggest in the world—but wait till you see what’s riding on its back!

Diving remains an immensely popular activity, both as a form of exploration and scientific discovery and as a hobby for tourists and vacation-goers worldwide.

There’s good reason for it, too. Not only can diving provide incredible up-close accounts of ocean life for maritime scientists, it can truly showcase some of the world’s most hidden-away sources of beauty.

From the millions of fish that have yet to be discovered and the colorful, mysterious plant life found under the deep blue waters, there’s always something new to see. Just ask photographer William Drumm of Colorado!

The 32-year-old caught this dive on camera underwater, swimming around with a group of manta rays and capturing the crazy phenomenon that the fish experience as they swim along with hilarious little “hitchhikers.”

The incredible footage was caught off the shores of Socorro Island near the coast of Mexico, and it’s believed the creatures are some of the largest in their species.

They really showcase just how large they are when you see the fish that swim along with them, using their backs almost like a tourist bus—although there’s an actual scientific reason for the cool relationship between the ray and the fish. While the fish catch a ride, they eat plankton off the backs of the rays, keeping them clean as they go along; talk about great car wash service!

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Caters