Think you have the best fruit peeling technique? Just wait until you’ve seen these methods

We’ll be the first to admit, there really isn’t a right or wrong way to peel fruits as long as it ends up in your mouth. Or wherever you intended it to go… bowl, sandwich bag, sauce pan, etc. That being said, it doesn’t hurt to add a little efficiency in our lives, right?


Some people eat whole strawberries (little green cap included), and some prefer their strawberries hulled. If you’re the latter, instead of cutting off the top of the strawberry or using the tip of a knife to cut around the green part, use a straw for your straw-berries. Get it, get it?

All you need is a straw. Stick it through the bottom and push it through the strawberry to remove the stem.


If you prefer to peel your oranges with your bare hands, that’s great, keep doing you. If you like cutting your oranges, try this method below:

1. Cut off the ends

2. Cut into the radius of the orange

3. Peel the skin off

4. Gently unroll that juicy goodness


We’ve seen a few methods floating around the interwebs as to how to best cut kiwis. You can cut off the ends and scoop out the center (we found this messy). You can slice the skin off leaving you with a miniature tennis ball (we found this a bit wasteful and dangerous). Or you can do as the Kiwis do:

2. Scoop out the meat, and enjoy!


Let’s just get straight to the point on this one and not even mention the sliding a mango down the side of a cup method.

1. Slice each side of the mango just past the seed

2. Carefully cut vertically and horizontally making sure not to break the skin

3. Flip inside out (it should look like the below image)

4. Cut out the cubes or use a spoon!


Did you know monkeys peel open bananas from the bottom? This works every time. Goodbye forever unopenable bananas.

1. Squeeze the bottom of the banana

2. Peel


This is how you get perfectly sliced, non-mushy avocados every time:

1. Cut the avocado in half

2. Cut the half into quarters

3. Easily removed the skin—enjoy!