Toddler’s stunned reaction to holiday decor is out of control!—when you hear him, you’ll burst

Hannah Law from Mapleton, Utah, has shared a holiday video that she took of her son, and it has lit the internet on fire.

During a routine shopping trip over the holiday season, our little man is unable to contain himself. His introduction to the festive season is a memorable one. The look on this child’s face is gold. If it were a currency, it would outperform in any market!

Mick, swivels his head back and forth, eyes wide and darting. His cooing and exclamations of wonder perfectly capture the awe many try to inspire in their children during this time of year.

The original video was shared widely on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, and, judging by the reactions, the internet is thankful for it. In just over 3 months, the footage of this adorably enthusiastic youngster, affectionately named Mick, has garnered the attention of over 26 million people.

On Facebook alone, this video has amassed over 420 thousand reactions and 56 thousand comments.

Janis Nogle of Kansa City just couldn’t take it. Her comment, “This made me cry…this really touched my heart!!!!” was echoed by many.

Sue Behmer shared some sage insight, “I love this little boy… through their eyes we can feel the joy!”

By the looks of things, Mick’s fame is not going away any time soon.

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | JukinVideo