Train derails after brutal crash. When it’s time to get it back onto the tracks—mind-blowing

Mankind’s ability to fix things is pretty amazing and even more so when sped up via a time-lapse video like the one seen here. Watch as these workers set about in correcting a train accident scene.

The Stadler train was traveling from Riisipere to Tallinn when a 30-ton truck collided with it not far from the Kulna stop in Estonia, reported the Postimees. The impact caused the train to derail.

Luckily, there were no fatalities, but nine people did sustain injuries. The most severely injured were the truck driver and train engineer.

Officials estimated at least 24 hours were needed to get the train back on the track.

YouTube user diiselrong recorded the entire work and created a time-lapse video.

Fixing a train does take time and is quite difficult to do as this video clearly shows.

So hats off to the hardworking men and women who labor to restore operations and keep the trains running.

Video Credit: YouTube | diiselrong.

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