Pedestrian starts acting ‘strangely’ at crosswalk—that’s when bystander starts video recording

Have you ever been bored to tears in traffic and just wished something interesting would happen? For unsuspecting drivers and cyclists stopping at this intersection, that’s exactly what they got—and then some!

Performance art can happen when you least expect it. For these pedestrians and drivers, an afternoon commuting turned into an unexpected performance for their viewing pleasure. Not every interesting act requires you to buy tickets, as this humble artist shows!

If you’re ever in need of some entertainment in your daily life, you’ll love what this guy does next. It turns out that you don’t need a theater to perform when the world can be your stage, and the people that are there can be your audience!

Some people are waiting to cross the street. The cars stop for them, and everyone crosses normally. That is, except for one man—who seems to be doing a bit more than just trying to get to the other side. He puts down something and then it’s clear that he has stretched a wire or rope of some kind across the street.

He attaches it to the pole then pulls a ring from around his neck. It’s clear he’s starting a show of some kind! He picks up his orange juggling pins and hoop—and then jumps up onto the bungee cord! He’s obviously done this before.

The juggler goes from sitting to standing on the cord, balancing on one foot; and soon pins are flying, as he starts juggling; hoops are whirling around limbs, while the bouncy ball is spinning on his nose—and everything is in motion like clockwork. Meanwhile, everyone is in awe watching this impromptu show. Catch it yourself in the video!

Just like that, the juggler winds down his act, and everything is back the way it was. He jumps down from the cord and removes the bungee from the pole.

The show is over as quickly as it began, all in the time that it takes to stop at a light!

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | NTD Inspired Life