University police academy cadets weren’t ready for this ultimate focus test—fail & they drop

The Indiana University Police Academy has a unique test for its recruits. When you see it in the video, ask yourself, “Would I be able to pass?”

Do you have what it takes to join a university police department force? Be prepared to go through rigorous training, both physical and psychological. For this university police academy, they came up with an unconventional test to add to its robust training.

The instructor aims to distract the cadet with an object, and the goal is to remain unmoved. The object is capable of making noise and the instructor may choose to use this feature. If the cadet’s facial expression even changes or the cadet moves, it’s considered a fail and one has to drop to do push-ups immediately.

It sounds simple enough, but surprisingly, some didn’t pass this challenge “designed to test a cadet’s demeanor, focus and sense of humor.” It’s called “The Chicken Test.” Check it out.