Woman borrowed ladder from cable company—what she did after was caught on film

In this captivating film, a woman is seen risking her safety while she tries to save something stuck in a ditch filled with dirty water.

A woman spotted something inside a hole along a ditch and borrowed a ladder from the cable company nearby. By the looks of it, she’s trying to rescue something.

Whatever’s in there, it seems like it doesn’t want to be rescued. The woman motions for it to come to her, but the creature does not come forth.

She leans forward and grabs onto some fur, and it pops its head out excitedly. It’s a dog!

She managed to bring it up the ladder, and the moment she put it down, it ran away confused as to where to go exactly.

The woman has such a big heart for risking herself trying to rescue a dog that’s not even hers. What a great act!