Woman throws tennis ball into pool. Then dog tries to rescue ball without getting wet—genius

Be prepared to be enthralled as you watch this black Labrador show off her paw-some bodyboarding skill. She sure is a smart dog!

Abby the Labrador loves playing fetch by the pool, but she just doesn’t want to get herself wet.

This footage captured at a home in Monmouth Avenue, Bergen County, New Jersey, the United States, shows Abby jumping onto a bodyboard in the pool.

What is she up to?

The clever dog is trying to get hold of the tennis ball stranded in the middle of the pool.

But unfortunately, she drifts further and further away from the ball.

Not wanting to give up, Abby hops back to the pool side, and jumps onto the bodyboard again.

Then, she pushes the bodyboard toward the ball.

Wow! Just look at her paw-some moves! She has excellent balancing skills.

And in the end…

Did Abby manage to retrieve her beloved ball from the pool without touching the water?

Watch the video to find out.

Video credit: Facebook | Newsflare.

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