Workers need to get excavator on truck without ramp. Their solution—it’s risky, no doubt

There’s no need for a ramp to move an excavator when this method clearly works well. Watch the video to see how an awesome operator makes all the difference.

Transporting heavy machinery like an excavator is not easy, especially when the roads are either nonexistent or not properly paved.

This excavator is standard in size, so there should be no difficulty loading it onto the back of this flatbed truck. Or is there?

This truck is clearly missing ramps, but the workers know of another way to load the excavator up, and all they need is one good arm and bucket.

The driver takes his time to position the excavator correctly before putting the bucket on the back of the truck.

The placement and use of the arm and bucket is key for the excavator to successfully get up, and the controller and his co-workers know what they need to do. How resourceful!

Like the famous saying, “where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Video Credit: Facebook | EGMines.

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