You’d never expect a 1-armed boy to swing a golf club like a pro—wait till you see his drive!

When 6-year-old Tommy Morrissey’s mom was 14 weeks pregnant, she was given some potentially devastating news. Her precious, beautiful baby was healthy, but would be born with just one arm.

With modern technology, individuals missing limbs can go on to do just about anything they want.

For Tommy, though, his dream is to be the best golfer in the world—and he seems pretty close to doing it, despite only using his one arm to swing.

Morrissey has never taken a formal golf lesson, but the sport-obsessed kid is already better than some of the best. He’s developed a perfect right-handed swing using only his left arm, something no one would have expected possible, and he’s able to hit with near-perfect accuracy already.

The key? Morrissey claims it’s all about balance, with a little bit of his natural confidence tossed in for good measure. Rarely second-guessing himself, the up-and-coming golfer is able to perfect his game without constant worries or fears holding him back.

As a toddler, the young boy would steal his father’s golf clubs to take them into his crib, so the passion has been there from the very start.

With some obvious talent as well, it looks like the sky really is the limit for Tommy; if he’s this good at six, just imagine how much he’ll be able to do in a few more years!

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | Caters