Young man sees street person selling seashells on the beach—when he says why, it’s amazing!

Jonathan Jacques, a professional philanthropist and internet blogger, regularly produces videos that inspire and demonstrate the kinder side of life.

On this day, Jonathan is strolling down Venice Beach and approaches a street artist selling seashells by the sea shore.

The man custom paints each shell individually and sells them to tourists and locals alike.

The man explains that he has been indulging in this activity for over a year and tells the story that inspired him to partake in this unconventional way of supporting both himself and his family.

After some inquiry by the videographer, the beach artist  further explains that, after having spent a decade in prison, securing work and a steady income to support himself and his children has been a challenge.

The exchange is full of respect, empathy and dignity.

The video has been posted on Facebook for just under a year and has attracted over half-a-million views.

The top comment on the post goes to Carlos Reyes and states:

Our 10 year old son met this man about 2 weeks ago and he was sweet enough to have a very long conversation with him. At the end he gifted my son with 2 beautiful seashells. the memory touched my sons heart and he still talks about the conversation they shared.

This video is a must watch from beginning to end and is a perfect example of what perseverance looks like.

 Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | Jonathan Jacques